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I'm trying to avoid spoilers here, but... the end boss' first form. I was amused by the *ostentatiousness* of his armour... but then he pulled out his huge, red, throbbing...sword.

And he keeps holding it at crotch-level. With the camera viewing the strangely shaped sword at awkward angles.

Was that porn or a boss battle? I CAN'T EVEN TELL. o.o
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My friend has been fostering a greyhound at her house for the last week. He is a 3ish year old brindle named Spike. I loves him dearly and REALLY wish I had the housing to keep him.

But! She can't take him with her when she goes out of town for thanksgiving. (She has two dogs of her own) This means that Spike needed someplace to go. Mama and Tony are less than thrilled about having 6 animals in the house, (our 2 dogs and cat, my cousin's two cats, and Spike) but are being very understanding and letting me bring him home. Even if mother keeps both teasing me and a)telling me that I can't keep him, and b) calling him 'my new boyfriend' as I keep gushing about how sweet and wonderful a dog he is.

::sigh:: I know it will be harder after he gets a home, but at least this week I can pretend he is mine.
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I hope it was awesome madcrazy fun, and that you got out of that elevator. >.>
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So.... I own a car now!

To-san actually bought it the DAY I ranted about needing a car. It's a sandy/gold '95 Buick Park Avenue. It has lots of buttons.

The important parts are that it has a really big trunk, and the engine runs very nicely.

In other news: I also got to visit my brother and my bitty!niece! Rosie is doing well, still, though they put her back on the ventilator for the moment, to give her a chance to rest her lungs and focus on growing.

All in all, this was a good weekend. the only (minor) downer was that I got a sunburn spending all day outside with my parents on sunday, and it gave me a slight fever this morning. But! I'm feeling better, and have spent much of the day being useless and in bed, re-(re)reading Brethren. I was a good girl, though, and did my manatee-ing *after* I came back from class.
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ok. so this "have a job 15 mins drive away, but no car" thing has got to STOP.

I can't go to work, because I can't GET THERE. all my co-workers are MIA. or at least their cell phones are. I can't get an answer at the barn, so I don't know if THEY even know I can't get there. The one person the MIGHT have been able to offer me a ride.... called during class, and turned her phone off when my class ended.

I HATE being this helpless and trapped. I am SO ready to have a car RIGHT NOW.

(The only way I can get a ride at the moment, is to possibly borrow my old roommate's Rust Bucket. Seriously. That car is scary, and I'm not sure I want to risk dying when the breaks give out, and I'm not sure how to fix them.)

EDIT: my boss is an amazing person, and some of her riding lessons got canceled, so she had time to pick me up. I know it was in her best interests, but it was still really nice of her.^_^

I still need a car, though.
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So, I just got a call from Mother. She went and visited baby Rosie at the hospital yesterday.

As I said in my earlier post, my niece, Rosalie Margaret was born 4 months early on friday. She is 2 lbs. The good news is that she made it past the 48 hour mark with flying colors. The doctors took her off the automatic ventilator, and she's breathing on her own with an oxygen tube. They also managed to get a feeding tube into her bellybutton, so she's getting her nutrients the normal way. (her digestive system hasn't finished growing yet) She also has so much hair, my brother joked that they would have had to braid it if she had gone full term. If she keeps doing well, they will be able to take her out of her incubator box and let my sister-in-law hold her. This is EXCELLENT news, as I learned in my Early Child Special Ed class that skin-to-skin contact is REALLY important for the development of healthy pre-mature babies.

My brother and sister-in-law are doing well. They are both grateful of the many miracles that were needed for her to be doing as well as she is. As we all are.

The only concern at the moment is for cerebral hemorrhaging. (eek!) This is a standard worry for all premies, and is most dangerous in the first seven days. After her 1-week mark, she'll be facing a whole new set of worries. But! considering how well she is doing on all other fronts, I'm choosing to remain hopeful.
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The good: visited family, cuddled with my cat, hung out with friends, got my birthday present from Ariel, bought Ariel's birthday present, my computer survived.

The bad: I was stuck watching stupid high school drama, when Ambie and I planned to watch Heros, realized that when I set my computer in my back pack, I set it ON a banana I forgot was in my bag, possibly ruined my disc drive, as it was full of banana. the rest of the computer seems unaffected. My computer now smells like banana.

The too much to feel one way about: My niece was born yesterday. REALLY premature. as in, almost 4 months early. She seems to be doing alright, but being in special ed, I kinda know she's going to have health problems relating back to this for the rest of her life. She's only 2 lbs. Her name is Rosalie Margaret. Please pray that she has a long and healthy life.
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I got Firefly in the mail today! ::sqwees:: I was just wanting to watch it last night, too!

Thank you, Kit! (though your ...wrapping... was evil. doesn't mean I wasn't grinning the whole time, but it *was* evil)
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 So, I sort of got two part time jobs yesterday and today!

Mon, Tues, and Thurs, I will be working for a couple hours a night, feeding/ bringing in horses at the barn where I volunteer. Like the barn owner said, it doesn't pay much, but it's "good for gas and a little bit of spending cash". (or in exchange for riding lessons? >.>)

My other job that I got this afternoon is as an english conversation partner, for a Korean grad student working in the special ed department. She has an interview with her supervisor in november, and is hoping to improve her fluency before then. (and... she really needs help with fluency) Two hours a week, chatting. She offered to pay me (don't know how much, don't really care. I would be willing to do it for free, but I won't turn down some cash) then she made me blush by saying she wants to learn from me because she liked my voice and my pronunciation. ^_^

In other news, my practicum is going much better. I noticed something important about one of the student's reading skills, and my teacher didn't. When I mentioned it to her, she was really happy with me! She also said she wants my input on a writing sample from the same student. Talking! Communication! She has also started giving me more to do in the classroom. I think she genuinely cares about her students, and wants to see them succeed. But in a lot of cases, she's sort of stuck in a rut, as far as teaching methods are concerned. When given more information, she's really willing to work with me. It's a relief. I was starting to get very frustrated with her, but now I'm a lot happier in the room. 

Oh! I might also have a car soonish! Mama and To-san will probably buy it long before it gets to me, but that's ok. I really only need it before my student teaching. The car their friends are offering to sell us fits all my parameters: decent looking, small enough it's not going to be a huge gas hog, but still with a big trunk (for moving, as I do it a lot)

In general, this has been a very good week for me.  
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My Edward is back! *WITH* a 20GB upgrade on the hard drive AND all my old files! He's faster! And not dying! AND I DIDN"T LOSE ANYTHING! ::flails with happiness::

see, I had prepped myself for a total wipe of everything. this is a VERY happy surprise.

Also: I worked with a small group of kids in my class, and they REALLY UNDERSTOOD what I taught! the teacher *asked* to keep my lesson plan!

::sigh:: today is a good day.
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So I had my annual birthday renfest bash this weekend, and it was awesome. It was slightly less birthday than previous years, since my birthday doesn't fall during the weekend this year. We had camp cake, but it seems presents are waiting until Big Family Birthday (4 of the women in my family have early september birthdays, so we always get together and celebrate them all at once).

Other than the festival, it was a very quiet, lazy weekend. (dispite the fact that I never DID manage to sleep in past 9:30) We splashed in the lake, and canoed a little, but mostly just lay on the grass, reading and coloring. (I got a coloring book on pre-modern Japanese fashions. it's really cool.)

In fact, I did the most walking this weekend (outside of the Faire) after I got back to muncie. I dropped my car off at a friend's house, but she wasn't there, so I had to walk back to campus.


Aug. 26th, 2008 07:15 pm
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This has been a busy last few weeks, what with finishing up working at the daycare, moving back to Muncie, fixing my schedule (still working on that), starting to work in a middle school for my final practicum... and taking Edward to the compy-hospital.

>.> It seems that "Hard drive grinding" is not a happy thing.

But... roommate seems cool, I'm on the 21 and over floor, and I have access to a computer lab. Life is pretty good at the moment.

I'm definately looking forward to Festing for my birthday this weekend, though Kit will again (as always) be greatly missed.


Aug. 7th, 2008 11:13 pm
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So... today was an amazing day!

I had Mama's class today, and they were great and obedient and helpful. I got off work about 20 mins early and went straight to the hospital. got there 6ish, and at 7:12, Miles Christopher was born! He's big for a newborn, and at 8lbs 15oz, he didn't even look all wrinkly faced, instead he was blond and apparently unusually healthy.

Tomorrow I get the pre-schoolers again (mama will have to fight me to get them back), and I will see both sister and baby soon!
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Not dead, though you might ask me the same question next week.

I'm done with class and, after making not-so-subtle hints to mother that a source of income would be nice, while I was home, it was arranged that I would take over her class when she took a couple weeks off to help take care of my sister's new baby (when it's born). I was going to go on Tuesdays and help out, just so the kids could get used to seeing me, and I could learn the routine.

...That plan lasted until about noon on Tuesday. Boss-lady asks me to "help out the teacher in the school age room". Next thing I know, I'm alone and it's been decided that I should be the lead teacher in that room for the rest of the summer. (they start back in school about the same time I do)

sounds good, right? great for resumes, lots of teaching experience, practically like an early student teaching...without the student part. Thing is, these kids have been doing NOTHING all summer long, but free play, break toys, and get in trouble. Some of them have SERIOUS attitude problems, (yelling at me and calling me a liar to my face, because of something stupid like how many crackers I have in my hand)

I'm there 2 1/2 days (got horribly ill on thursday) and I'm told that I have accomplished more things activity-wise than they have all summer. O.o;

I just hope I can keep up my momentum. I work 8:30- 4:30, but my ride works *6:30*- 3:30. ::shudders:: I sleep in the car for a couple hours, but 6am is still a wretched time to be awake, ever.


Jul. 11th, 2008 06:09 pm
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::pokes egg:: don't die, little egg(s).

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

...I only intended to have one....
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(which somehow translates as "Horsey!" in Toddler)

As usual, I worked with the SPUR kids today at the barn. Amber and I being the most experienced volunteers at the barn today (out of...5 volunteers. Eek), we were placed with the kids with severe disabilities. It was a lot more actual physical therapy than I'm used to, and that was awesome. It was really cool to see some of these kids slowly start to relax on the horse and start seeing them become more alert to their environment. One actually fell asleep and started snoring while we were stretching his arms.

But! after that, the barn owner (national championship Dressage rider/instructor) looks at Amber and I and asks which of us would like a lesson! ::swoons:: It was awesome to be back in the saddle. She started me out riding with a lunge line (think HUGE leash for the horse) until she got an idea of how skilled I am. It was really cool that it only took a couple starts and stops before she unleashed (pun intended) me on the ring. I didn't do much more than transitions and trotting, but that was enough for me. I will be SO sore tomorrow it's not even funny. But hopefully it will be the sweet sore of the well worked muscle.

I had never realized how different Hunter and Dressage were as styles. I was used to shorter stirrups and slightly different methods of directing the horse. It seems I have "Bad Hunter Habits."

The cool thing is that my instructor said that I have good basics, and show a lot of potential. I look forward to the day that I'm riding at the level I used to. In the meantime, I am resigned to sore shoulders and aching ankles. (surprise! I'm pigeon-toed. Keeping my toes forward is HARD.)

Now I just have to see if I can figure out how many hours I've worked (and how soon I can have another lesson)

...after I write the paper that's due...tomorrow.

Oh, weather

Jun. 7th, 2008 12:58 am
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Tornado season. what fun. I swear, if I'm not keeping an eye on the storms hitting my family, I'm watching out for severe weather here. ::eyes barely raining sky:: Got to admit, there are perks to living in an Event Horizon like Muncie. All the really bad storms seems to avoid it. This means that A) I don't worry much about the weather, and sadly, B) There are rarely any really cool storms to sleep to at night.

Also: Amazing Grace is an awesome movie that I recommend to anyone and everyone. It's made all the better for being a true story. Rough knowledge of British Parliament system is helpful, but do it. Watch it now. Wilberforce was an amazing person, and we need more people like him. The only downside to the movie is that Equiano needed to talk more. I like his voice.
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Lunch has been an adventure lately, with me as an informal interpreter. how, do you ask? well, the thing is every day, I eat with at least three people.

One is hearing, and doesn't know sign language.
one is Deaf, and does not voice
the other is deaf, doesn't really sign well, and writes for most of her communication.

This means that at any given moment, I am either signing for the hearing girl, voicing for the signer, or typing the whole conversation for the third. If I'm lucky, I can get a word in edgewise.

On the down side, this means I'm getting really good practice switching languages. on the down side... it puts a lot of pressure on me to be sure I'm translating everything correctly.

Ah well. I'm having fun.
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So I'm spending the weekend alone with the dogs. Ambie and Joe are camping with family, and I'm babysitting the dogs. It's been mostly uneventful, though the dogs got excited about something behind the dryer. the dachshund was trying to kill it, the boxer was hiding behind me.

In other news? Mars Lander touched down! I'm watching live coverage. ...I keep waiting for the aliens to start shooting at the lander. >.> Too much scifi? ...nah

All in all, it's been really quiet, and I've been watching rediculous ammounts of tv, mostly kids shows and documentaries. because that's just who I am.
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