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Not dead, though you might ask me the same question next week.

I'm done with class and, after making not-so-subtle hints to mother that a source of income would be nice, while I was home, it was arranged that I would take over her class when she took a couple weeks off to help take care of my sister's new baby (when it's born). I was going to go on Tuesdays and help out, just so the kids could get used to seeing me, and I could learn the routine.

...That plan lasted until about noon on Tuesday. Boss-lady asks me to "help out the teacher in the school age room". Next thing I know, I'm alone and it's been decided that I should be the lead teacher in that room for the rest of the summer. (they start back in school about the same time I do)

sounds good, right? great for resumes, lots of teaching experience, practically like an early student teaching...without the student part. Thing is, these kids have been doing NOTHING all summer long, but free play, break toys, and get in trouble. Some of them have SERIOUS attitude problems, (yelling at me and calling me a liar to my face, because of something stupid like how many crackers I have in my hand)

I'm there 2 1/2 days (got horribly ill on thursday) and I'm told that I have accomplished more things activity-wise than they have all summer. O.o;

I just hope I can keep up my momentum. I work 8:30- 4:30, but my ride works *6:30*- 3:30. ::shudders:: I sleep in the car for a couple hours, but 6am is still a wretched time to be awake, ever.
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