Apr. 2nd, 2008

Horses 101

Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:19 pm
blackheisei: (mothra!)
A Jenny at rest, stays at rest: until the horse decides otherwise.

A cowboy hat does not a horseman make. (ie: just because he thinks he's cool, doesn't mean he's not a spacey noob)

Large horse = powerful horse. This rule does not apply to women, sadly.

Pockets should always hold a magic supply of treats. If they don't.... it is a grave injustice on our world.

Never listen to other volunteers, chances are they know as little as you do.

Despite all of these magical lessons I learned today, I had a great time. I just need to be more vocal and not assume that people who have been at the barn a bit longer than me know more about horses. I nearly got run into both a wall and the dirt working with a large horse, and a leader that didn't know how to slow her down. I was so busy trying not to be smashed into a wall that I couldn't focus on keeping the KID in the SADDLE. That sort of defeated the point of having a side walker in the first place.

I also got a charming flying lesson when the MARE (and I say that in the kindest of ways) I was leading back to her stall decided I wasn't moving fast enough. I never lost my grip on her halter, but I swear, for at least two strides both of my feet were in the air. She really DID run me into a wall. I have the sore muscles and bruised boob to prove it.

How crazy am I that I can't wait to go back?

Seriously though. Jasmine (the mare) has thrown down the gauntlet. I WILL NOT let her get the better of me next time. ::shakes Fist of Determination:: I WILL WIN


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